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Boca Raton Areal View

5 Reasons to Purchase Property in Boca Raton

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Florida has plenty to boast about, from its famous theme parks (Disney World, anyone?) to its all-year sunshine. In fact, there’s enough to do (and enough perfect weather) in the Sunshine State that you might be considering it as a new home. There’s no shortage of spots in Florida known for sunny beaches and easy living, but none so ideal as Boca Raton. The southeasterly vacation spot is home to sprawling golf courses, scenic parks and, yes, truly spectacular beaches. But those are only a few reasons why you might want to might Boca Raton a home away from home (or even a place to put down roots). There’s a reason the city was voted Florida’s best place to live—and it’s not just that there’s plenty of things to do in Boca Raton, though that certainly doesn’t hurt. 

South Florida, and Boca Raton in particular, brims with enough activity to keep any party animal raging, and enough gorgeous neighborhoods and miles of trails and park land to keep homebodies adventurous at heart. You probably already have a few reasons to want to call some of Boca Raton’s beachfront or neighborhood properties your own—and here’s five more reasons to make South Florida your home (or, at the very least, your latest and greatest seasonal retreat).

It’s Miami Beach—Without the Enormous Crowds

Maybe you’re a Miami diehard, or maybe you’re just looking for a scenic spot to retire. Maybe you’d love a beautiful retreat from your own urban living up north. Whatever the reason, Boca has all the benefits of Miami living with almost none of the drawbacks. Where Miami has an urban sprawl, Boca Raton boasts compact neighborhoods, efficient transportation and a small-town vibe.

Another benefit of living away from Miami’s shadow? You won’t have to live with the hordes of tourists and spring break partiers that descend on Miami every year. Living in a bustling city can be thrilling, but when you’re looking for a new property, you’ll want to think about your own peace and quiet. Though Boca can be pricey, there’s no denying that you get what you pay for—and in this case, you’ll be getting a town around 100,000 with all of Miami Beach’s glitz, glam and, of course, beaches.

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Need we say more? If it’s a vacation spot you’re after, it’s hard to beat a scenic small town just about 85 miles from one of the Bahamas’ most vibrant cities, Freeport. You’ll be just a short flight (or a luxurious ferry ride) away from a week of snorkeling, diving and plenty of lounging by crystal-blue waters. Book a short ferry ride or even a three-day cruise from your new vacation home to the Bahamas, and you’ll have to admit that there’s very few places with a better living.

You’ll Live Near Amazing Parks

Boca Raton lives outdoors, with beaches, nature trails and a variety of family-friendly parks. The city has roughly 46 different parks, spanning around 16,000 acres of land. Among their more popular family destinations is Sugar Sand Park, a 132-acre recreation facility and play area for kids, including their Science Playground and a carousel.

As for nature walks and preserves, Boca has both: inside Tradewinds Park, the city houses a butterfly preserve, and miles of beautiful beach. For students of Boca’s Florida Atlantic University, the city provides north-south trails for added convenience. For lovers of Florida’s natural beauty, you’re in luck. Boca chose to forgo commercializing their roughly four-mile spans of beach, preferring a more natural landscape.

It’s One of Florida’s Most Lux Shopping Destinations

We’d be remiss not to mention Boca Raton’s notable Mizner Park and its equally formidable Town Center at Boca Raton. Built in a Mediterranean Revival style, Mizner Park offers activities, shops and architectural treats for the eye. The Park is home to top-notch restaurants and shops, as well as the Boca Raton Museum of Art, housing around 4,500 works of art. You might even catch an event at the Mizner Park Amphitheater while you’re taking a stroll through the scenic mall.

The Town Center’s no slouch, either—the mixed use development has the best of the best in terms of designer shops and luxurious living, from Cartier to J. Crew. Plan a shopping day around their stores, such as Saks Fifth Avenue and Stuart Weitzman, and find a new Boca-worthy beach outfit.

There’s Plenty of Top-Notch Neighborhoods

There’s no doubt that Boca has a reputation for luxe gated communities and posh neighborhoods. But it also boasts beautiful suburban streets adjacent to golf courses, beaches and parks, as well as excellent school systems. For young professionals and families, there’s more than enough to recommend Boca. Neighborhoods like Meadow Lakes rest just a stone’s throw away from local bakeries and excellent restaurants, while other neighborhoods and communities’ condos and townhouses provide amenities for even your smallest concern.

Now you’re ready to explore all Boca Raton has to offer, we’re sure you’ll be sold on your first day. Just don’t forget to invite your friends down to visit!

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