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Another Success Story

A little over a month ago Mangrove Realty was contacted to help a wonderful couple move to a new home. Problem was they had to sell their old house to afford the new one. Time was ticking…

Houses sell due to the right pricing and exposure.

After doing a full comparative market analysis, the price was set for the most amount of money in the shortest amount of time and our internal marketing strategy was put in motion.

Our Marketing Strategy:

We placed the property on our website, our blogs, new property website, syndication to 135 other real estate websites, social media, internet advertising program, MLS, and personal outreach to the other successful area agents, along with our notifications to our Mangrove Realty Realtors®.

The Result:

Simply stated – the seller received 3 offers in 24 hours and the property successfully closed in a month.

Follow this link to see the property:,15

We can do the same for you

If you are interested to work with a great real estate agency that knows the area and knows how to get you the most amount of money in a short amount of time, call 561-637-4559.

About the Author Mangrove Realty Marketing Dept.

Mangrove Realty's in-house marketing team have been selling properties using technology and the power of the internet for over 10 years. We get homes and commercial property in front of buyers that want to buy them.