Another “successful” Move In today


After some significant problems doing a pre walk thru for my clients yesterday i found myself on the phone with and in the office of the property owners.
My clients have 2 young girls and another due any day now. Keeping that in mind Julie and Clervoyant  (yes thats his real name, bet you didn’t see that coming=) had to have a safe and clean home to move into. By days end, we had accomplished that.
I am happy to know that they will receive some perk$ from the property managers now for their most inconvenient day. I represent each of my clients transactions as if it were my own. I try to protect My clients Deposit all year as if it was my own and conditions of the property are important to that exchange. I have found that some folks have been able to use that same deposit money for their next move.


Tip: Having a communicative partnership with the landlords and their agents will result in a positive reference of some sort down the road when you may need it. Contact Mangrove