Are you or have you been a Veteran or Army Reserve?

  1. 100% True story: I recently had a customer prepared to spend $6000 in 1st, last, and security deposit on a nice Rental townhome. That was before i discovered he was in the Army Reserves for 8 years. One short phone call to a trusted Lending partner got that very same customer approved for $400k in Buying power through the VA. It also got him zero closing costs and return of his earnest money deposit (only $5000, a saving of $1000 from his desired rental property) at the closing. Now he has his own private pool, an extra garage space and all $6000 of his, that he was prepared to give to a landlord.

Perhaps you or someone you know could greatly benefit from the same program? Give me a call today andabled lets find out. 954-790-2838 Ross M. Stern PA – Mangrove Realty Inc.
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