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  • Gulfstream Park
  • Briny Breezes Community Center
  • St. Andrews Club
  • Jaycee Park
  • The Little Club
  • The city of Boynton Beach

  • Boynton Beach Mall
  • Boynton Beach Plaza
  • Sunshine Square
  • Briny Breezes Police Department
  • Oceanfront Park Beach
  • Mangrove Park

​About The City of briny breezes, Florida

Briny Breezes, once a strawberry farm back in the 1920's,  is now a senior citizen community for ex-snowbirds from the north. The town of Briny Breezes was incorporated in 1963 when residents pooled their resources and paid off the property.

Those who are fortunate enough to own Briny Breezes homes have a huge variety of recreational and lifestyle enhancing activities available to them right on their own doorsteps. Beach-goers have access to the intracoastal waterway and a private beachfront for sunbathing, swimming, and a variety of water sports.

Nature lovers and those who simply love to be out in the semi tropical sun can explore the beautiful Gulfstream Park and Jaycee Park or the elegant Oceanfront Park Beach and Mangrove Park.

Shopping enthusiasts can explore outside of Briny Breezes' city limits to the city of Boynton Beach. This city has its wide array of retail opportunities, including the bustling South Congress Avenue and the Boynton Beach Mall. There are also any number of fine dining establishments located in and around this growing city, especially along A1A South where you can find cuisine to suit almost any palette.

Briny Breezes homes are mobile and manufactured single family homes that are a nod to the city's history. The average price of a Briny Breezes home start in the low $100, 00 as well as those Briny Breezes homes that sell for over 400 thousand dollars.

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