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Commercial Real Estate in Boynton Beach

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Boynton Beach, Florida, located in South Central Palm Beach County is the perfect place to own commercial real estate. Boynton Beach is in the middle of an economic and developmental renaissance with full support from the local government and citizens. Boynton Beach offers multiple exits off of Southeast Florida’s lifeline, Interstate 95, and a major exit on the Florida Turnpike. Public transportation includes trains and buses. There is a thriving marine industry as well.


Boynton Beach is extremely diverse in its population and workforce. Eastern Boynton Beach is in a revitalization period and offers great land opportunity, marinas, office buildings, multi-family buildings, new construction opportunities and more. Prices are more competitive than neighboring Delray Beach and the locating can’t be beat.


Central and Western Boynton Beach boasts a large population of Northeastern retirees, known as Baby Boomers. This sect is very affluent and there is a constant need for new retail, medical, housing and restaurants to meet their demand. High income, all age communities are also popping up all along Boynton Beach.

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Commercial real estate options are lagging residential development. Making this the perfect opportunity to build shopping centers, or renovate an existing center, open a new restaurant, assisted living facility, office building, medical building, private school, and much more.


Boynton Beach commercial real estate is a diamond in the rough! Prices for warehouses right off I-95 are incredible. Most national chains can be found in Boynton Beach. The population is exploding from Miami folks moving north to Northeasterners moving south. Boynton Beach is one of the best bargains in Southeast Florida commercial real estate opportunities.

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