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​About The City of Lake Clarke Shores , Florida

Lake Clarke Shores, Florida, was established in 1940, and officially became a town until 1957. Located just south of the Palm Beach International Airport (PBI) in South Florida, Lake Clarke Shores sits between West Palm Beach and Lake Worth.

With a rich history of pineapple farming, Lake Clarke Shores became northern Florida's link to fresh pineapples. John Clarke, the son of a Palm Beach pioneer, chose 5 acres of land in Lake Clarke Shores to build his pineapple farm and packing house. Some time later, agriculture gave way to the arrival of a new railroad. When the new railroad was expanded to include Key West, it became more cost effective for pineapples or "pinas" grown in Cuba to imported from Key West.

Lake Clarke Shores has several recreational areas that are open to the public, such as the Town Hall Park and Playground, the Heart Trail, and the Pine Tree Park. If you are looking for exercising opportunities, Lake Clarke Shores offers numerous exercise stations, as well as tennis courts. Lake Clarke Shores also rents the garden club, a boat ramp, and a spacious pavilion for parties, events, and weddings.

​Prices of real estate properties in Lake Clarke Shores, FL are competitive with the rest of Southeast Florida and we can find a property in your budget. Please call our Mangrove Realty team for Lake Clarke Shores Real Estate properties in and around our fine county of Palm Beach.

​The average price of a Lake Clarke Shores home is somewhere in the region of $500,000, but like many other cities in Lake Clarke Shores County there are Lake Clarke Shores homes for sale available in price ranges lower than that, some for under $200,000, as well as those Lake Clarke Shores that sell for several million dollars.

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