Make it your Own, Dont set unrealistic expectations.


There are a few homes on the market in my small and quiet west boca neighborhood. Many are just like mine… they need a bit more work to call them “designer quality” or 100% “move in ready”.

So what?!!?

Big Deal…The reality is that most of the homes in my area were built at least 20 years ago and they all need something done. The “best deals, out there” are ones that need a new vision to make them great again. Don’t let the idea of “Buying a new Home” be clouded with imagery of “Brand New, or “in the Box”.

Of course there is nothing wrong with buying ‘new construction’ properties and having that exact opportunity/reality with your home purchase must be great.  For many of us: tailoring a property to our family’s likes and needs in an area we know and trust, is equally as satisfying.

The point being: Make an Offer on a fixer upper with a neighborhood specialist who can help you find the homes with the most upside for your renovation ideas. Then make them happen… and enjoy your biggest investment to the fullest. Hopefully i will see you at the next social committee planning event at our clubhouse.