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​About The City of Mangonia Park, Florida

The current municipal incorporated limits of the Town of Mangonia Park, Florida, were originally part of an unincorporated area of West Palm Beach. The city limits of West Palm Beach were located to the south and east boundaries of the yet to be developed town. The City of Riviera Beach sat on the north boundary of our town, separated by a canal, with no road or bridge access from Voss Road, which is now Australian Avenue.

In 1946, a handful of homeowners living near Voss Road, lead by then resident, Charles Roebuck, decided to incorporate. This decision was made simply from not wanting to be a part of the City of West Palm Beach, which was rumored at the time to be expanding it's municipal boundaries westward. By 1947, despite being mostly swampland east of Voss Road, Town residents were able to meet the "1-mile square" land area requirement for municipal incorporation. It was Mr. Roebuck who prepared the inaugural Town Charter.

The original town charter called for the name of the town to be "Magnolia Park". However, upon being returned from the powers-to-be at the state capital in Tallahassee, the Town Fathers were informed in writing that the name Magnolia Park had been taken. The new name would now be that of "Mangonia Park," instead. And so, the name of the Town was now established. Oddly enough, the name was fitting due to the large plantation-like mango farms that once dominated the area in the early 1900's through the 1930's.

​The average price of a Mangonia Park home is somewhere in the region of $500,000, but like many other cities in Mangonia Park County there are Mangonia Park homes for sale available in price ranges lower than that, some for under $200,000, as well as those Mangonia Park that sell for several million dollars.

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