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Mangrove Realty Celebrates Its 7th Year

    On this beautifully sunny day in Mid-December, our team met for lunch at the new hot spot on Delray’s Avenue called Caffe Martier.

    Our fearless leader, Broker/Owner Damara Cohn, led the meeting with an announcement that we’re celebrating 7 years in business!

    Mangrove Realty Marks 7th year in business

    We only bring on experienced real estate agents that meet our strict standards, our boutique agency has grown by several great new associates throughout the year.  It’s always fun to interact with everyone, get to know each other a bit better and share our war stories and opportunities with the group.

    Predictions for 2016

    Damara read last years predictions for real estate sales in 2015 and looking back she was dead on. Having both feet in the local market helps. She had predicted that in 2015 we would see a strong and consistent market with gains in average home values up 10-20%. That’s exactly what happened.

    In 2016 she predicts more of the same. There will be less international buyers than in prior years due to change and uncertainty, but strong upword movement from local buyers coming out of foreclosures of the past and Baby Boomers continuing their southern trend of lifestyle changes. That will affect how we market for our sellers during the upcoming year.

    Right now, the residential market is strong, banks are lending mortgages more freely, and unemploment is down to 4.9% (in 2010 unemployment was at 11.6%) in Palm Beach County. We are in a Seller’s Market and rents are high.

    Caffe Martier

    We also want to thank the staff and managment of Caffe Martier for allowing us to have our meeting in their private room. The service was excellent, the room was great, and the food was better! It’s the new “it” place in the heart of downtown Delray Beach’s Atlantic Ave and whether you are a local or are just visiting, it’s a great casual upscale place to grab food, dessert & drinks.

    To another great year at Mangrove… Cheers!

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