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​About The City of Palm Beach Shores Beach, Florida

Palm Beach Shores is quite possibly the tiniest of communities located in Florida. The town is primarily residential, and is only 10 blocks long and three blocks wide. Originally a fishing town, Palm Beach Shores was home to many fishermen that took advantage of its proximity to the Gulf Stream

As part of Singer Island, Palm Beach Shores is located directly east of Peanut Island and is a beautiful vacation setting filled with luxury hotels, fine restaurants, and cabana covered beaches.

Palm Beach Shores is located on the southern tip of Singer Island in Palm Beach County, Florida. It is bounded by the Atlantic Ocean on the east, Lake Worth on the west and Lake Worth Inlet on the south. When the first permanent settlers to the Lake Worth area began to settle around its shores, what is known as Singer Island today, was then an extension of Palm Beach.

A series of inlets to Lake Worth were hand dug and maintained by these pioneer families. In 1915 the task of maintaining an inlet to Lake Worth was assumed by the United States Government and the present inlet was dredged in 1918. Lake Worth Inlet permanently separated what later became known as Singer Island from Palm Beach.

​The average price of a Palm Beach Shores home is somewhere in the region of $500,000, but like many other cities in Palm Beach Shores County there are Palm Beach Shores homes for sale available in price ranges lower than that, some for under $200,000, as well as those Palm Beach Shores that sell for several million dollars.

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