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​About The City of Riviera Beach, Florida

Riviera Beach is a growing harbor city located along the shores of the Atlantic Ocean in southeast Florida, USA. The City's municipal beach is one of the finest in the state.

Our beautiful sandy beaches make Riviera Beach an appealing place for sporting events. With an average year-round temperature of 75 degrees, Riviera Beach is also a popular location for business and casual activities.

Our community and visitors provide an interesting, varied mix of young people, families and retirees from just about anywhere. This progressive neighborhood abuts Lake Worth and its diverse community has deep-water access and a top-notch yachting image. Labeled as the "Gateway to the Caribbean" or "Riviera of America," Riviera Beach is a unique vacation city for those looking to live the high life in Florida.

​The average price of a Riviera Beach home is somewhere in the region of $500,000, but like many other cities in Riviera Beach County there are Riviera Beach homes for sale available in price ranges lower than that, some for under $200,000, as well as those Riviera Beach that sell for several million dollars.

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