Top 7 Reasons to Use a Realtor When Buying a New Construction Home

Considering buying a new construction home? Use a Real Estate Agent to save you money!


New Construction homes are a great choice in today’s market. Who doesn’t love the feeling and smell of new. So clean. No one has lived there before you. The choice to customize the home with your specific taste and preferences.

Now that you are considering the purchase of a home with new construction, how about considering a real estate agent to help to you buy the home? Many home buyers wonder why should I use a real estate agent for a new construction home, when I can go by myself to the sales center?  Below you will find some benefits you may not have considered…

Choosing a New Home Checklist


Here are 7 Reasons To Use a Real Estate Agent when buying a new construction home:


  1. It’s FREE! Isn’t that reason enough? Real Estate Agents get paid directly from the Builder. You pay nothing. Nothing, I tell you. You may think they are adding the commission to your sales price, and you are paying it in the purchase price. This is incorrect! You are paying the same price either way. Commissions are from the builder’s pocket. In fact, you may be paying more without a real estate agent. Read the rest to see why this may be true…
  2. You will get the best price if you go with a real estate agent. Qualified real estate agents know how to negotiate for their customers. Sometimes a real estate agent can get you pre-pricing, or discounts before lots are released to the general public. Real estate agents may also be able to get you freebies such as the pool package you always wanted, or an upgraded lot.
  3. Your real estate agent is on your side, and is looking out for you. The on site sales agent may treat you great, but they represent the builder. They are there to promote the builder’s interests.
  4. Picking a lot is a daunting task. On site agents create hype, and sense of urgency to create increased value for the lots and homes. A professional real estate agent can guide you through picking the best lot for you, and not for the builder’s profits. Some lots are over $100,000+. Let your real estate agent help you with picking proper exposure, view, and location. Also, a real estate agent can educate you on resale value of the lot so you are not overpaying for your new home.
  5. Did you know upgrades can add 30% to your purchase price? Many upgrades are impulse purchases. A real estate agent can coach and guide you through the daunting process. A real estate agent knows what upgrades add value to a home and can save you thousands of dollars.
  6. Presale and new phase pricing are another reason to use a real estate agent. In order to meet demand or simply to create hype, prices usually rise in cycles. Phases of communities or inventory of homes are released for purchased. Usually, presale or first phases have lower prices. Real estate agents are the first to know about presales and new phases, and can save you thousands of dollars on your purchase.
  7. Real estate agents know their community and surrounding neighborhoods. A good real estate agent can help match your lifestyle to a new construction neighborhood. A beautiful entrance, does not mean a beautiful surrounding area.


There are many more than the seven reasons listed above to use a qualified real estate agent when purchasing your new home. A new home purchase is a big investment and expense. Call me today. My real estate company, and I, will help save you thousands of dollars and coach you through your new home journey.

photo credit: Alan Cleaver via photopin cc