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Funny Real Estate Listing Video

Ellen DeGeneres Shares Why We Edit Our Listings (Hilarious)!

Reading through all the descriptions of properties all day can seem daunting. Most of the descriptions seem copied and pasted and sometimes seem as though they were written in a different language. It harkens back from a time when there were only so many characters you could use in your listing description. Just like a Twitter post. 

Sometimes Ellen Degeneres shares some crazy stuff. This time it was about some real estate listings. I thought you would appreciate them.​

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As we know there are a lot of unprofessional real estate agents in South Florida. That's why we only hire the best to our team. If you are thinking about selling your home and want to do it with the best, reach out to us to find your house's value and we will provide a full, professional Competitive Market Analysis for you.

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